Why are we here? What’s in it for you?

An introduction to the course and what we’re going to cover, including the reasons for why you should build a personal brand.

For further reading, check out these blogs:

Not building your personal brand? Then you’re not in control

Self-belief is the biggest inhibitor to building a personal brand

I will include blogs throughout this course as additional background. I published Can we just get real about personal branding? recently, which gives you insight into my thoughts on being real and authentic. Too many are looking for short cuts. It's not about easy. It's about being world class.

And I referenced the McKinsey report Six social-media skills every leader needs - considering this was published in 2013 and we still have so far to go to get leaders embracing social media, it makes you think. The benefits to business are extraordinary. For an idea on where senior leadership is today, well according to the Social CEO report for 2016, 60% of leaders have no social media presence at all. None. At. All.

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